Patch Notes – November 10th Update (CST)

Gameplay Adjustments
– Improved the Heater function – When the heater is on, Cody’s cold will recover slowly over time.
– Optimized the Fishing Net in National Park and Harbor Factory – Using one piece of bait, you can come back after a while to harvest your catch!

New achievements
– Strange recipes – Cook 2 different secret recipes at the food bench.
– What Doesn’t Kill You… – Defeat an enemy while Anling has 1HP.

– The development roadmap for EA has been announced. Go to our Steam page and the Main Menu to check it out!
– Now you have a tool to report bugs easily – it’s in the PAUSE screen. This will allow us to address bugs and replicate them much more efficiently.

– Solved the issue where “Cody Pick” no longer appeared if you interrupted Cody when he’s trying to pick-up an item off the ground
– Solved the problem that Anling could still use supplies when she dies, which ended up causing freezing issues
– Solved an issue where medicines that can cure symptoms randomly but retain additional effects will still cure the symptoms even if they’ve already been cured
– Solved an animation glitch when your characters trying to skin animals

– Improved the readability of Cody’s status’ (in Character Status screen) to reduce confusion about his food, water, and health.
– After the backpacks are upgraded, the total number of grids shown now displays correctly.
– Fixed an issue where the Backpack undid any sorting when moving to another location after hitting ‘Sort’.
– Fixed a problem with various Slingshot ammunition that couldn’t be selected by the mouse in the Tool Bench screen.
– After upgrading the stacking limits of the backpack, the storage box is still sorted according to the original stacking limits.
– Some in-game texts were eaten by zombies. We’ve since found these texts and cleaned them. They’re now back.

– Solved an issue where the ‘Lowest’ quality settings did not apply properly.
– Melee attacks won’t miss due to low frame rates anymore.
– For some Windows 7 users, the problem of freezing after playing the ending video is now solved.