Patch Notes – November 25th 2021 (CST)

UNDYING’s first major update! Zombie Hordes and Endless Mode have arrived!

A month of hard work after launching in Early Access, UNDYING now has it’s first major update!

SURVIVAL MODE aka Endless Mode is here!

  • Unlock Survival Mode after completing the story mode (30 days)
  • Main features of Survival Mode:
  • Map locations are unlocked in random order. New experience every playthrough.
  • Challenges such as power outages, rain, zombie hordes, Anling’s symptoms and declines, etc., come earlier than in Story Mode.
  • Every few days, the enemy’s HP and attack power will increase slightly.
  • Survival mode exclusive NPC the night merchant. Appears every few days, take advantage if you find him!
  • You only have one life in Survival Mode, if you die Game Over and you have to start over.
  • There are plenty more changes in Survival Mode to discover, so try it out and experience it for yourself!

Please note: Survival Mode is currently in an Alpha stage of development so we are still working out kinks! We would love to hear your feedback on this mode.

Mom! A zombie horde!!
– The zombie hordes will appear around Day 20 in the Story Mode and Day 7 of Survival Mode.
– Try to use terrain and the new megaphone system to distract and avoid zombies!

AMD FSR frame rate optimization tech
-Low-end PCs and laptops can use AMD FSR to increase frame rates by 10%-30%. It’s effective with integrated, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

Story content has been expanded in the Farm, the RV Camp, and the Underground Lab. Expect more content to be added in the next few weeks in December.

Other bug fixes and experience optimization!

We are now about to enter development for our second major update (end of December). We would like to thank you for your support and we hope you continue enjoying Undying!