Patch Notes – November 25th 2021 (CST)

UNDYING’s first major update! Zombie Hordes and Endless Mode have arrived!

A month of hard work after launching in Early Access, UNDYING now has it’s first major update!

SURVIVAL MODE aka Endless Mode is here!

  • Unlock Survival Mode after completing the story mode (30 days)
  • Main features of Survival Mode:
  • Map locations are unlocked in random order. New experience every playthrough.
  • Challenges such as power outages, rain, zombie hordes, Anling’s symptoms and declines, etc., come earlier than in Story Mode.
  • Every few days, the enemy’s HP and attack power will increase slightly.
  • Survival mode exclusive NPC the night merchant. Appears every few days, take advantage if you find him!
  • You only have one life in Survival Mode, if you die Game Over and you have to start over.
  • There are plenty more changes in Survival Mode to discover, so try it out and experience it for yourself!

Please note: Survival Mode is currently in an Alpha stage of development so we are still working out kinks! We would love to hear your feedback on this mode.

Mom! A zombie horde!!
– The zombie hordes will appear around Day 20 in the Story Mode and Day 7 of Survival Mode.
– Try to use terrain and the new megaphone system to distract and avoid zombies!

AMD FSR frame rate optimization tech
-Low-end PCs and laptops can use AMD FSR to increase frame rates by 10%-30%. It’s effective with integrated, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

Story content has been expanded in the Farm, the RV Camp, and the Underground Lab. Expect more content to be added in the next few weeks in December.

Other bug fixes and experience optimization!

We are now about to enter development for our second major update (end of December). We would like to thank you for your support and we hope you continue enjoying Undying!

Patch Notes – November 10th Update (CST)

Gameplay Adjustments
– Improved the Heater function – When the heater is on, Cody’s cold will recover slowly over time.
– Optimized the Fishing Net in National Park and Harbor Factory – Using one piece of bait, you can come back after a while to harvest your catch!

New achievements
– Strange recipes – Cook 2 different secret recipes at the food bench.
– What Doesn’t Kill You… – Defeat an enemy while Anling has 1HP.

– The development roadmap for EA has been announced. Go to our Steam page and the Main Menu to check it out!
– Now you have a tool to report bugs easily – it’s in the PAUSE screen. This will allow us to address bugs and replicate them much more efficiently.

– Solved the issue where “Cody Pick” no longer appeared if you interrupted Cody when he’s trying to pick-up an item off the ground
– Solved the problem that Anling could still use supplies when she dies, which ended up causing freezing issues
– Solved an issue where medicines that can cure symptoms randomly but retain additional effects will still cure the symptoms even if they’ve already been cured
– Solved an animation glitch when your characters trying to skin animals

– Improved the readability of Cody’s status’ (in Character Status screen) to reduce confusion about his food, water, and health.
– After the backpacks are upgraded, the total number of grids shown now displays correctly.
– Fixed an issue where the Backpack undid any sorting when moving to another location after hitting ‘Sort’.
– Fixed a problem with various Slingshot ammunition that couldn’t be selected by the mouse in the Tool Bench screen.
– After upgrading the stacking limits of the backpack, the storage box is still sorted according to the original stacking limits.
– Some in-game texts were eaten by zombies. We’ve since found these texts and cleaned them. They’re now back.

– Solved an issue where the ‘Lowest’ quality settings did not apply properly.
– Melee attacks won’t miss due to low frame rates anymore.
– For some Windows 7 users, the problem of freezing after playing the ending video is now solved.

November 5th Update (CST)

Gameplay Optimization
– The Rain Collector has been moved to the backyard, making it more convenient for fetching water
– As you progress, zombies may reappear in various, previously explored zones
– After upgrading the Backpack’s capacity, the increase will apply similarly to the Storage Chest and Refrigerator

UX Adjustments for Item Management
– The Backpack can now be sorted with one button!!
– Weapons that are equipped, can be moved within your backpack
– Using Control+Click, you can quickly move stacked items to and from your backpack
– When facing a pile of loot, you can now collect all instead of one by one

Gamepad Improvements
– When you have a controller plugged in you can manually switch between controller or keyboard and mouse UI.